New Partner: MADRID FLY!

We are very happy to announce our latest collaboration with our brand new partner: MADRID FLY! The flight chamber is the largest wind tunnel in Europe, the first in the Community of Madrid and the only one in the world that is fully adapted.

The origins of the Madrid Fly wind tunnel date back to 2009, when Alberto Fuertes, the Spanish parachuting champion and three times indoor flight runner-up, came up with the idea of building Europe’s largest wind tunnel in Madrid, where freefalling can be realistically simulated in absolute safety.

It is a tunnel with a wind chamber that is 4.6 metres wide and 17 metres high, of which 8 metres are made out of glass, enabling spectators to watch those practising this activity.  Its facilities include 1,500 square metres designed exclusively for leisure and fun, surrounded by spacious gardens and a large terrace.

Come and experience the thrills of skydiving but indoors!

First Flight products are ideal for any person who has never experienced the feeling of freefall! All you need to do is give your best smile and certified instructors will take care of the rest. They will guide you step by step to the flight chamber where you will experience for the first time of your life the amazing feeling of flying.

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