Aquapea Fin Del Mundo XVI

We are back with the best POOL PARTY in Madrid. This time we’ve rented a property in a beautiful village on the outskirts of Madrid. We will throw an awesome party with BBQ, free drinks and a variety of shows including typical Spanish capea, live music, a DJ and lots of surprises.

In the world of bullfighting, it is called “Capea” to the celebration in which amateurs participate and bullfighting heifers and steers without killing them. They often organize at festivals in different spanish towns or in stag parties. Capea is also knowed as baby bull running.

At no time, you get to mistreat the animal always seeking the welfare of the heifer. Without a doubt, if you are thinking of doing any fun activity and country at the same time, the AQUAPEA FIN DEL MUNDO XVI is the best choice: Outdoor pool party where leisure and fun reigns.

Regarding the day of the capea we advise you to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The day will be long. The comfort will be an important factor. Not only for the duration of the party but because you are of the brave that decide to fight the heifer. Dressing with something comfortable will be your best ally.

We have not talked about food or drink. Barbecues reigns these days and sangria and beer also, yes, drinking responsibly since you can not be under the effects of alcohol.  Because of the negative consequences that this can trigger if you catch the heifer clear.

If you opt for the capeas, respect for the animals should not be lacking. It will be one of your forms of fun of the day, we can guarantee that the laughter is assured. Although as we say with respect, neither mistreatment nor similar acts.


DATE: Saturday June 2nd
TIME: 1:30PM until 11:30PM
PRICE: All included for 55€ upon availability (prices will rise overtime)
– Pool Party
– Transportation: we will charter buses from La Castellana (next to the Santiago Bernabéu) at 1:30PM
– Appetizers 2:30PM
– Lunch 3:30PM (BBQ! we will also offer vegetables for you healthy guys)
– Open Bar (beer & sangria) all day long
– Open Bar (long drinks) from 7:30PM
– DJ
– Live Shows
– Beer Pong Tournament
– More surprises
– And of course… Capea

It’s not too late to sign up!
Tel. 644 30 80 00


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